The Pirette Soy Candle - 8 oz


PIRETTE Soy Candles are hand poured with premium 100% natural slow burning soy wax and features their flagship scent that leaves your space smelling like fresh coconut, surf wax, sunscreen and that sun-washed feeling after a day at the beach.

  • Candles are hand-poured with premium soy wax that ensures a sexy, slow burn without getting dirty (and by that we mean the soot and debris)
  • Pirette responsibly sourced the soft crackling wooden wick from the Forest Stewardship Council to support sustainability through the Trees of the Future organization
  • To ensure an even consistent burn, trim the wick before lighting by tapping off all of the burned part with a pen or tissue covered finger and discard. The wick should be about 1/8" tall
  • The Pirette line is in compliance with the most recent IRFA and RIFM global standards and regulations
  • Contains 100% natural wax so no toxins are released into the air when burned
  • Sustainable soft crackling wood wick
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Made in the USA.
Formulated Without
  • PEGs, parabens, paraffin, phthalate, BHT, BHA, sulfates, phosphate and lead