No. 1933 Candle


Aroma Family: Airy + Floral 


Top Notes: pinch of honey

Middle Notes: warm milk

Base Notes: chamomile flowers


Smells like: 

A field of chamomile flowers under the morning sun. 

All relaxation, no downtime.



Classic matte black travel tins in 6-ounce or 14-ounce options. 

6-ounce matte tins include 30+ hours of approximate burn time.


Includes a ready-to-use noir matchbook.



La Lumbre Co candles are made with the highest quality of all-natural coco creme beeswax blend to offer top-tier air and the best aromatic experience. Our detailed, small-batch process provides personality and charm with every hand-poured candle. With sustainability in mind, every vessel and jar is ready to become your new favorite up-cycled container.